Recent Before & After Photos

Cause and Effect

This flooded patio in Winter Haven, FL was the result of debris built up on the roof over time. Notice the extent of the water damage. This is the perfect rea... READ MORE

Severe Mold Damage

Can you imagine coming home from a vacation after a month and finding this nightmare? This poor family did. While away their HVAC system stopped working creat... READ MORE

Kitchen Stove Fire at a Local Hospital

SERVPRO of Winter Haven got an emergency call from a local hospital stating that they had a fire with their kitchen stove. They were highly upset, of course be... READ MORE

Water Damage and Remediation in a Corporate Office

It was one of those days at the office, or so they thought. Walking into their offices after lunch they discovered an inch of water and their floating floor ac... READ MORE

Bathroom renovations due to water and mold

What we thought was going to be a simple tile renovation in the bathtub turned into not only a removal of tile but a drying of the water that was behind the ext... READ MORE

Roof Tarping

Due to severe storm damage the roof on this home was ripped up in spots. The owner wanted a temporary repair done until the insurance company was able to proce... READ MORE

Water Damage in Lake Wales, FL

This is a before and after photo of a commercial water damage in Lake Wales, FL. In the before photo notice the puddled water on the carpet. This was caused by ... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage in Lake Alfred, FL

This is a before and after of a water damage in lake Alfred, FL. Notice in the before photo the laminate flooring is starting to bubble up due to the water bein... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Damage

This is a before and after photo of a storm damage in Houston, TX. In the before photo notice the debris and water lines in this portion of the home. The water ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Houston, TX

This is a before and after photo of storm damage in Houston, TX. This was caused by hurricane Harvey that hit in 2017. In the before photo notice the lines on t... READ MORE