Commercial Photo Gallery

Water loss in a Commercial Property

Due to a water pipe bursting in the ceiling there was a significant amount of damage to not only the ceiling but the walls, flooring and furnishings.  SERVPRO of Winter Haven was called and the work began.  Our crew tore out the damaged parts of the ceilings, removed the furnishings and completed the drying process.

Our reconstruction crew came in and repaired the entire affected area of the building.

Within two weeks the entire process was completed.  Another satisfied customer of SERVPRO of Winter Haven.  "Like it never even happened."

Kitchen Fire at a Winter Haven Diner

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Winter Haven when we arrived on the scene.  There was significant fire, smoke and soot damage.  The restaurant had been closed for two days creating a major loss in revenue for the owner.  Our crew was able to get the job cleaned up within 2 days.  The owner of the restaurant was so happy that he offered the entire crew a free meal.  SERVPRO of Winter Haven once again made it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO dryers at work

Due to a major water line break within the building, several thousands of gallons of water did major damage within the resort.  The owner contacted us at SERVPRO of Winter Haven to help in any way that we could.  Our team of professionals went in and extracted all of the standing water, removed the affected areas of the building along with the flooring.  We were able to completely dry out the building to everyone's satisfaction.  

The Source of the Damage

This is a photo of the source of a commercial water damage in Lake Hamilton, FL. The pipe had busted spraying water into an office affecting the carpet. SERVPRO was called to dry it up.

Hot Water Heater Leak in Lake Wales, FL

This is a photo of a commercial bathroom that had a leak in the ceiling caused by a hot water heater. SERVPRO was called in to dry and clean it up. The customer was very pleased with our services.

Mold Damage in a Hotel

This is a photo of a hotel room that had a water damage that went unnoticed. As you can see at the bottom of the wall there is visible mold that was growing behind the baseboards. The drywall was removed and replaced. The customer was pleased with our services.   

Mold In An Office Building

This is a photo of mold damage inside an office building. You can see the mold spot clearly on the wall the drywall was removed and replaced. The Customer was pleased to know that the mold damage was gone.  

Deodorizing an office

This is a photo of an Ozone treatment in an office. The ozone treatment helps eliminate odors that can be a nuisance. While this is going on you cannot enter the room. The customer was extremely satisfied with the results.  

Commercial Pipe Cleaning

This is a photo of SERVPRO cleaning pipes at a commercial facility. These pipes were about 30 feet off of the ground and between 30-60 feet long. The customer was very satisfied with our work.