Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage in Winter Haven, FL

This is a photo of mold in an AC unit in Winter Haven, FL. Notice the spots on the on the casing for the coils. This was cleaned by SERVPRO. The customer was satisfied with our work.

Mold Damage in Lake Alfred, FL

This is a photo of a mold damage in Lake Alfred, FL. SERVPRO was called out to remediate the mold on the ceiling. The customer was extremely satisfied with our services.

Mold Damage in a Closet

This is a photo of Mold damage to a closet door. The humidity level inside the closet was extremely high and the temperature was just right for the spores to cultivate. This caused mold spots to grow on the door and different areas of the closet.   

Mold damage in the Attic

This is a mold damage in an attic of an office. This was caused by an AC leak. It was noticed when spots started appearing on the other side of the drywall.  

Mold Damage in a Kitchen

This is a photo of mold damage that was caused by a water leak. It was first noticed just underneath the sink, but further investigation found it to be on the wall behind the kitchen cabinets and on the back of the cabinets.   

Mold Damage from Air Handler

This is a photo of an air handler that leaked in a closet. In the photo you can see the mold growth between the wall and the unit. The mold was removed and the home owner was vary pleased with our services.