Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hurricane Damage in Georgia

SERVPRO of Winter Haven was dispatched to the state of Georgia for Hurricane disaster relief.  Our crew helped several homeowners mitigate their water damage.  Please note the discoloration on the wall and carpet where the water had seeped into both the drywall and carpeting.  We were able to do in-place drying and relieve the customers of some of their stress.

Hurricane Damage

Note the darker areas on the paneled walls.  This is all water damage due to a hurricane.  SERVPRO of Winter Haven was called in.  Fortunately for the homeowner we were able to perform in-place drying and mitigate the water damage.

Storm Damage in Alabama

This is a photo of ceiling damage caused by a Storm in Alabama. Notice the ceiling tiles have a dark discoloration on them. This is caused by water coming in contact with the material.

Storm in Alabama

This was a water damage inside of a home in Alabama. This was caused by a storm that damaged the roof. Notice water got on the opposite side of the ceiling causing damage to the popcorn ceiling side.

Flood Waters

This is a photo of flood waters in Florida. Always have a plan of action. If notified to evacuate, please listen. During a Hurricane a rescue crew will not go out until the storm is over.

Storm Damage in Florida

This is a photo of flood waters in a home caused by a storm in Florida. As you can see the water receded from where it originally got up to.

Hurricane Damage

This was the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. After the drywall was removed you can still see how high the water went in the home. Always be prepared for Hurricanes. 

Hurricane Harvey- Flood Damage

This is a photo of a home that was damaged by hurricane Harvey in Houston TX. Notice the flood line on the white trim to the entrance of the home.